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Reconciliation - Germany
Reconciliation is located in Bavaria.
Reconciliation monument was established on 1977.
Primary threats to Reconciliation :

Reconciliation is a sculpture by Josefina de Vasconcellos.In May 1998 it was presented to University of Bradford as a memorial to the University's first Vice-Chancellor Professor Ted Edwards.

Historical facts of Reconciliation :

The sculpture was originally conceived in the aftermath of the War. Europe was in shock, people were stunned. I read in a newspaper about a woman who crossed Europe on foot to find her husband, and I was so moved that I made the sculpture. Then I thought that it wasn't only about the reunion of two people but hopefully a reunion of nations which had been fighting. Later it was taken for repairs to the Sculptor’s Workshop, and renamed Reconciliation upon the request of the Peace Studies Department of the University. It was unveiled for the second time, under the new name, on de Vasconcellos 90th birthday, October 26, 1994.In 1995 (to mark the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II) bronze casts of this sculpture (as Reconciliation) were placed in the ruins of Coventry Cathedral and in the Hiroshima Peace Park in Japan. An additional cast can be found on the grounds of Stormont Castle in Belfast. To mark the opening of the rebuilt German Reichstag (parliament building) in 1999, another cast was placed as part of the Berlin Wall memorial.