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Public art Letterkenny - Ireland
Public art Letterkenny is located in Dublin.
Public art Letterkenny monument was established on 1994.
Primary threats to Public art Letterkenny :

This monument was created by Maurice Harron and was erected in December 1994. Hiring Fairs were held in Letterkenny in years gone by when children between the ages of 11 and 16 were sold for periods of six months to wealthy farmers of the Lagan Valley.

Historical facts of Public art Letterkenny :

Letterkenny like many towns in Ireland has tried to improve its aesthetic appeal and commemorate its history and achievements with the commissioning of Public art and Monuments. Described below are examples of some of these. The Polestar is a monument located on the Port Bridge Roundabout on the Derry Road. Its creator is a Derry man, Locky Morris. The project cost approximately 100,000. The site of the Polestar, on the Port Bridge Roundabout, has had an historic past where trade and goods were landed by boat and transported to the surrounding areas by rail and road. The monument is made of 104 timber poles and rises to a height of 12 meters. Its shape alludes to the outline of a boat, as well as having a locomotive (train track) theme, to commemorate the fact that both forms of transportation played a major part in the town's development in the past. The Celtic cross is located in Cathedral Square, just across from St. Eunan's Cathedral in the town. Created by Redmond Herrity, the limestone cross was erected in 2006 to celebrate 2000 years since the birth of Jesus and is the largest Celtic Cross in Europe.