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Literary Walk - United States
Literary Walk is located in Brooklyn,New York.
Literary Walk monument was established on 1872.
Primary threats to Literary Walk :

One of Central Park's few formal elements, the 40-foot-wide Mall is flanked by quadruple rows of American elm trees.

Historical facts of Literary Walk :

At the southern part of the Mall, it is the main thoroughfare and gateway in to the Central Park is to Literary Walk. In With his mounting concerned that the many requests to have statues installed in the Park would eventually deprive it of its naturalistic character, Olmsted proposed that the Mall itself be allocated to the installation of sculptures. It was not long after Olmsted decree that the statues of William Shakespeare and Sir Walter Scott were installed in 1872. Soon afterward in 1880 Robert Burns was dedicated and following soon afterward for some unknown reason Columbus made it to this place of literary distinction in 1894. At the southern end of Literary walk is the only two Park tributes to its creator Frederick Law Olmsted, the Olmsted Flower Bed. It features beautifully blooming pansies, impatiens and tulips and is a veritable explosion of sculptures color in the spring and well worth a visit for that alone.