Gueudecourt (Newfoundland) Memorial
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Gueudecourt (Newfoundland) Memorial - France
Gueudecourt (Newfoundland) Memorial is located in Gueudecourt.
Gueudecourt (Newfoundland) Memorial monument was established on 1916.
Primary threats to Gueudecourt (Newfoundland) Memorial :

The Gueudecourt Memorial is a Dominion of Newfoundland war memorial that commemorates the actions of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment during the Battle of Le Transloy of World War I.

Historical facts of Gueudecourt (Newfoundland) Memorial :

The site also marks the furthest point of advance from their original trench lines that British units reached during the Battle of the Somme.After having spent 10 weeks in the Ypres Salient the 88th Brigade, the bridage in which the Royal Newfoundland Regiment was serving, was temporarily attached to the British 12th Division, which was holding Gueudecourt. By nightfall on October 10, the regiment was manning a 450-metre section of the trench on the northern outskirts of the village.The men kept so close to the supporting artillery barrage that several became casualties from the shrapnel of their own supporting guns. Likewise, the Germans were compelled by the shelling to remain under cover and as a result were quickly engaged in hand-to-hand fighting. By 2:30 p.m.