Cerro de los Angeles
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Cerro de los Angeles - Spain
Cerro de los Angeles is located in Getafe, Spain.
Cerro de los Angeles monument was established on 1919.
Primary threats to Cerro de los Angeles :

The Cerro de Los Angeles is a famous hill located in Getafe, Spain, about 10 km (6 miles) south of Madrid and inaugurated by king Alfonso XIII. The site is famous for being considered the geographic centre of the Iberian Peninsula. On top of the hill there is a 14th century monastery named Our Lady

Historical facts of Cerro de los Angeles :

The Cerro de Los Angeles is Contains several Spanish Civil War battles occurred on the hill, resulting on the destruction of the original monument. Bullet marks dating from the war can be seen on the Sagrado Corazon monument as well as the walls of the monastery. After the war, the victorious government moved the remains of the monument across the esplanade and rebuilt a bigger version with an underground church. In the monument resides the patron virgin of Getafe (Spanish cities often each have their own town virgins); thus the place is very well traveled and loved by the citizens of Getafe. The slopes of the hill are populated with carrascos pines as well as parks, springs, paths, a bar and soccer grounds. For that reason, aside from being a religious center, it is a well-enjoyed place to spend a day surrounded by nature.