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Akhmim - Egypt
Akhmim is located in Sohag.
Akhmim monument was established on 1981.
Primary threats to Akhmim :

  • In pharaonic times it was also known as Khent-Min, being the cult centre of the god Min.
  • Flourished was the capital of the 9th Upper Egyptian Nome in the Ptolemaic Period.

Historical facts of Akhmim :

  • Archaeologists found several statue fragments of Rameses II during excavations, as well as a beautiful colossal statue of the king’s daughter and consort, Meritamun.

  • Now re-erected in the centre of the area in which has become an open-air museum.

  • The Graeco-Roman temple was dedicated to Min and Triphis (Repyt), the goddess who was his consort at Akhmim.

  • Apparently the large temple, which was described as similar in style to the Temple of Edfu, was still in good repair until the 14th century.

  • It was dismantled to be used to in building material.

  • Beautifully decorated stonework and two colossal statues in the temple of Min were mentioned by Herodotus in his ‘Histories’.