ANZAC Square
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ANZAC Square - Australia
ANZAC Square is located in Brisbane.
ANZAC Square monument was established on 11 November, 1930.
Primary threats to ANZAC Square :

  • The ANZAC Square War Memorial is uniquely and ideally.
  • ANZAC Square is dedicated to Australia's military heritage.

Historical facts of ANZAC Square :

  • ANZAC Square, in the pedestrian tunnel, is the World War II Shrine of Memories.

  • There are Touch - Tell systems in place that explain the significance of ANZAC Square to visitors.

  • The Shrine of Remembrance, with its Eternal Flame, forms the focal point for the radically patterned pathways, pools, lawns and Bribie Island Pine and Bottle trees.

  • Visitors can view Honor Rolls, Unit Plaques and a mosaic containing over 140,000 hand-cut Venetian glass enamels and soils from official World War II cemeteries.